BEMER therapy is a newer therapy that we are using on our patients, although it has been around since    1998.

BEMER stands for BioElectroMagnetic Energy Regulation. It is in the same category as Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field therapy, or PEMF. Via a mat or other “applicator”, a pulsed waveform is introduced into the body. This patented waveform causes a physical change in the blood flow in the body, improving circulation to the capillary beds. These are the tiny blood vessels between the arterial and venous sides of circulation. This is where nutrient / waste exchange and oxygen / carbon dioxide exchange occur.

When the blood flows more freely, the nutrient and oxygen delivery to the cells is vastly improved. Similarly, the cellular wastes and carbon dioxide are removed more efficiently, allowing our cells to detoxify more quickly. With improved physiology as a result of the improved blood flow, our bodies are better able to heal themselves. You can view a video that demonstrates the effect of the BEMER on blood flow by going to When you scroll down the page you will see the video that you can click on to observe the before and after effects of BEMER. This video was taken in real time of blood flow through capillaries that are about the width of a human hair.

This therapy is regulated by the FDA as what is referred to as a “Class I General Wellness Device”. This puts BEMER in the same category as a FitBit (R). As per the FDA, this device is not intended to “diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease”. As a result of the improved blood flow, however, the body is in a better position to “work on itself” in terms of making itself better. You may visit www.bmruniversity/whatisbemer for more information. There are also webinars that you may watch and phone calls that you may listen in on to learn more.